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About Us

Our Story

MavenTree Technology is an end to end solutions provider with core focus on integration technologies, professional consulting and services. Committed to be a technology leader, MavenTree is an early adopter in innovating integration solutions to extend business values of legacy system. As a value adding business partner, MavenTree operates with a single purpose – to realise ROI through integrating your systems, legacy and new alike, achieving multiplier effect for your business.

Established in 2004, MavenTree Technology began as a B2B and B2G Technology Provider. Through these years in tandem with our Singapore’s growth for our Future Economy, it has grown significantly with the growth industries and emerging sectors from the:

  • Digital Economy – with innovative solutions including for national security domains and financial technologies;
  • Green Economy – with quality transformative process management solutions including for aerospace, manufacturing, energy industries; and
  • Care Economy – as a trusted government social digital solution partner for technological, workforce and skills development.

MavenTree Academy

MavenTree Academy (the skills and workforce division of MavenTree Technology) is a leading consulting firm that enables professionals and organisations to strive for the future of work. It integrates and synergises human capital management and continuous professional skills development with digital business transformation strategies to pivot on the growth industries and sectors emerging from the digital, care and green economies.

We design, develop and deliver high-quality and responsive training delivery to enable industry transformation and quality employment outcomes for these growing economies. By leveraging on blended learning and technologies to harmonise on workplace learning and professional community of practices, we deliver expansive learning capabilities for high work performance contributing to organisational innovation sustainability and growths, and to equip professionals to excel in evolving job roles and competencies for the future of work.

Super Efficient

With many years of experience working in different industry sectors and domains, our staff are super efficient in providing technology solutions that suit your needs and expectations.

Deeply Committed

Our staff are deeply committed to delivering the best service and satisfaction to our clients. They go above and beyond to ensure that our projects are completed with excellence and reliability.

Highly Skilled

With high skills in problem-solving and value creation, our staff deliver innovative and effective technology solutions for our clients. They have the expertise and experience to handle any challenge and opportunity.