Career in MavenTree Technology is exciting, fulfilling and rewarding because of the meticulously planned programmes that we developed for our staff and our relevance to the evolving global market in Enterprise Information Technology.


Job Requirements

  1. The candidate should possess a Degree / Diploma in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent IT Qualification.

  2. Involve in strategizing and implementation of HPB.

  3. Initiatives involving the requirement study, procurement, management, implementation.

  4. Maintenance support of applications.

  5. Candidate must have minimally 7 years of IT Application PM experience in recent years.

  6. Relevant experience in Vendor and Contract Management, Change
    Management / Service Request Management, Problem / Incident Management will be an added advantage.

  7. Relevant experience in supporting Government Projects will be an added advantage.


Job Requirements

  1. Possess at least a Diploma / Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent.

  2. Working experience with Oracle database and Java frameworks. Fresh graduates are welcome.

  3. Hands-on experience in web-based development in HTML and JavaScript.

  4. Hands-on experience in Java Server Pages (JSP) and J2EE (Struts, Spring, Hibernate Frameworks).

  5. Able to develop and support J2EE applications deployed on Weblogic 8.1 and above.

  6. Ability to analyse and troubleshoot problems in J2EE applications.

  7. Experience in Object-Oriented Design, and familiar with UML notations.


Job Requirements

  1. Practical experience and good understanding in test-oriented development and code refactoring.

  2. Experience in J2SE and/or J2EE, Unit Testing, SQL, JPA2, Hibernate, Design Patterns, Data Structures, Version Control Systems and Struts.

  3. Knowledge in JMS, JAXB, JNDI, XML schema, Spring Framework, Wed Services and SOA will have added advantage.

  4. Work environment consists of J2EE Web Application Server, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Documentation Content Management System, Documentation Technologies.

  5. Possess at least a Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent degree or diploma.

  6. At least 2 years of J2EE web application development and system implementation experience.