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Strategic Partnership

In MavenTree Technology, we believe in win-win collaborations with our partners to meet our strategic goals and customer requirements. We hope that our partners can complement our weaknesses and leverage on our strengths to provide better value propositions to our customers. We wish to continue building on our strengths and niche. Hence, we are always looking out for potential partners in the following areas:

  • Technology – Partners with complementary technologies to provide more complete solutions to our customers
  • Products – Partners who can leverage on our products for market penetration, service continuity and enhancements
  • Resources – Partners who can provide critical resources to complement our team in meeting customer demands


MavenTree Technology has been enjoying mutually beneficial business relationship with our valued-added technology partners. Our passion in enhancing business values for our customers has spurred us to constantly look for potential partners to complement our offerings.


Value-Added Partners (VAP) can help in providing level 1 and 2 support for our product while having the capabilities to build additional plugins and modules to extend the value of our product to customers. MavenTree Technology will support VAP with the required enablement training.


With our high demand on our execution capacity and delivery capabilities, we are always looking out for good resource partners who can share similar values and work culture. We believe in collaborations and leveraging on the strengths of partners to improve value propositions to our customers.