Our integrated mobile solutions improve service efficiency of engineers while our digital signature solutions ensure a high level of accountability among the licensed aircraft engineers in servicing planes.


As the pressures to improve production availability, process reliability and operational efficiency mount, marine oil and gas companies need to know how to boost overall efficiency by automating existing processes.


Our teams are maintaining and supporting critical enterprise applications and systems to provide integrated, automated and timely services for the operations.


We provide secured electronic payment services and cloud solutions to facilitate trusted E-Commerce and Business to Business transactions.


MavenTree has a range of technology products that are critical building blocks for our projects and services. These products improve our implementation efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. These products are built to encapsulate our years of experiences in system integration and enterprise process automation. Some of these products include X-Connector for integrating to ERP systems, X-Workflow for managing business process flow and Ailanthus for managing application deployment, user authentication, and authorisation.  

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